Approved installer of Extendor physical security grilles and doors. Government funded organisations can obtain an independent evaluation of this product. Contact us to be referred to SSG.
We supply and fit roller shutters and doors and steel grilles.

It's a sad fact of today, but many people feel vulnerable to intruders and attack. Premises often have electronic security, but to today's thief it proves inadequate.
All this can leave you in a very insecure position.

The Extendor range of retractable security grilles are designed to give maximum strength, yet with careful consideration to aesthetics - so it looks good too.
Extendor acts as a strong physical barrier to would be intruders then retracts to visually blend into door and window frames when not in use.
Your premises may already be protected by a form of security system. But ask yourself this: would it actually stop an intruder gaining entry into your premises?
An Extendor grille does not necessarily replace your existing security arrangements, but enhances them - giving you integrated total protection. Extendor's pedigree has been evolved using design techniques and materials paralleled only in the aerospace industry, hence a reputation that is the envy of others throughout the industry.
Extendor provides the ultimate barrier.